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With Exploitcode, our priority is two-fold: To help you successfully recover funds lost to fraudulent online deposits; and to provide professional consultation, which enables a smooth navigation through the seemingly unclear terrains of digital investments. 

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We  are a professional team of EC council certified Tech engineers, , hackers, finance, legal and regulatory experts making use of our experience, and expertise to help victims of certain scams in our selected services within our reach. , and with our seasoned pool of legal professionals

Our Services

Investment Scam

Our job, as a recovery service, is to reduce the negative association with binary options including CRYPTOCURRENCIES, and by employing an expert team on forensics fraud investigation

BEC Scams

Business Email Compromise(BEC) in recent years have become a common but yet very dangerous type of scam.Targeting companies who conduct wire transfers, resulting to millions of losses

Binary Options Scam

Have you been a victim of Cryptocurrency Scam and want to recover your losses?

Romance Scam

People get on various dating sites and applications looking for love. Unfortunately, a lot get scammed. At Exploitcode we help with general background checks(verify location/identity) and recovery of money from romance scam schemes.

Asset & Wealth Management Scam

Has someone made you an investment offer like precious metal/stones deal that sounds too good and lucrative to be true? Then it probably is. Exploitcode operates as a consultant for all issues relating to Asset scams

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Exploitcode operates as a consultant for all issues relating to every industry. Our expertise is in the pool of professionals under our network, who specialize in providing professional advice and services on digital fraud and related disputes.

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What our clients have to say

Kristen Moore


I must say this company is highly reputable. I was involved in Forex scam and was in contact with some Agencies who claimed to help get my money back but only collected more money from me. I highly recommend this Agency as they acted as said with my recovery process. Their holistic communications approach is both custom and comprehensive. Good job!


Thanks to the team at Exploitcode for tracking my investment which I thought was lost and getting all back for me. Some google ads companies also lie about helping you get your investment back, as a Vulnerable victim looking for help, I advise to be careful of companies like that. Thanks to this wonderful team !

Josh Foxx

Felicity Trump


I had made all deposit with Bitcoin with the forex broker company and all companies I came across couldn't find a way to help. I came across Exploit code through a friend and a forex trader, I had a consultation over the phone and I'm happy with how my case was resolved swiftly. Thanks guys